Reiki or pranic healing? Take your pick from Manila’s master trainers

Deepak Chopra’s alternative remedies Weil: Health care system will collapse Homeopaths have recommended their products (which are diluted to the point that active ingredients aren’t there anymore) for treatable diseases such as cancer, malaria, cholera and AIDS. In 2006, a 6-year-old boy with severe asthma was treated with a homeopathic remedy instead of the bronchodilator that would have saved his life. In Canada, homeopathic vaccines, which have no chance of preventing illness, are worrisomely popular. Also, naturopaths’ objections to the contrary, many studies have shown that garlic doesn’t lower low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol (bad cholesterol), chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine don’t treat arthritis, and saw palmetto doesn’t treat prostatic enlargement; in each of these cases, conventional treatments are available that actually do work. Warning: Men’s natural sex supplements may not be The therapist doesn’t tell you about the dangers of alternative therapies Alternative medicine is perceived as more natural and less harmful than conventional medicine.
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Pranic healing is used to scan the body for malfunctioning chakras, remove the diseased area, revitalize these chakras through the application of energy from the Divine or Higher Source or God Consciousness as some people call it and stabilize the energy of that chakra to ensure that it does not malfunction again. Throughout the entire process, the hands are used to feel and repair the bodys energy fields but without touching the patient. Healing of a sick person can even be done from a distance, meaning the healer and the patient might be in two different places and still generate the same results. In addition to better health, Papeck says the healing modality also increases our energy systems including widening our auras (the so-called energy fields around the body which, to some intuitive people or psychics, look like bands of white or colored halos). A persons financial state can also improve once the energy centers are performing normally, because the physical and mental faculties are balanced and working more efficiently, according to Papeck. Hands-on reiki healing On the other hand, unlike pranic healing, reiki has a literally hands-on approach to healing.
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Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, crystal singing bowls brings relief to patients in region

The main goal is to have the patient relax, Rehrig said. The process of placing the hands relies on the intuition of the practitioner, who follows seven general areas in the beginning but allows the body of the patient to guide the hands to the area that needs the most focus. The body has jug handles like on a highway where congestion like stress and anxiety builds up over time that impede the flow of energy. By focusing on these areas, it helps clean up that congestion, Rehrig says. Karen Huslik, a retired nurse and volunteer reiki practitioner with Hunterdon Medical Center , also emphasizes the flow of energy in reiki. Its like water flowing down a river.
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